Wristband, wristbands, handbänder
Wristbands can be used as tickets to diferent kinds od events, such as sport parks, congreses, concerts, VIP louges and other places with limited acess. They have quite a few advantages to classical tickets. The main is thet they are hart to conterfied and thet they are untransferable. Our company offers different kinds of wristbands.




SuperTek handband

SuperTek wristbands are reliable and wet resistand. They break if tempered with.

Schon ab 0,05 €... Demand an offer!




Plastic handband

Plastic wristbands are made of light and durable plastics. Special plastic snap breaks if tempered with.

From 0,12 €... Demand an offer!




Vynil handband

Vynil wristband are highquality, nonbreakable and waterresistand bands. Special plastic snam breaks if tempered with.

From 0,13 €... Demand an offer!