Konica nove tehnologije ltd developed a system that makes it possible to issue VIP passes with or without photo on the event. We print VIP passes on preprinted plastic cards or paper cards and equip it with custom printed lanyard, photo and personal data of the holder. It takes less then a minute to issue one VIP pass. We can set up more plases to issue VIP passes so that we can also manage big and crouded events in no time. Call us for pricing and presentation.





VIP cards are preprinted on plastic cards and equiped with our costum printed lanyards. Such VIP passes are almoust impossible to conterfied and are a nice suevenir to your costumers.

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VIP cards are preprinted on paper and inserted in special designed plastic holders, equiped with costum printed lanyards or crocodile snaps. A budget version of VIP passes.

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